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Easy. Simple. Affordable. Makeup.
If you are looking for simple and effective makeup, that takes only minutes to apply, but leaves you confident and feeling better than you ever have before, then SEINT is your answer! Their cream based iiiD Foundation is an innovative approach to the popular highlighting and contouring method.  

Do not be scared by those words highlighting and contour, I am going to walk you through step by step, here to answer all your questions and concerns. I will create a custom palette just for you with the tips that best suit your face shape, skill, & lifestyle.


Beauty connects us.

It transcends time and knows no boundaries.

Seeking, experiencing, and cultivating beauty in ourselves

and the world around us is sacred work.

And that work- our work- is beautiful.

We see beauty in every face.

Our mission is to preserve and nurture it.

Everything we do and everything we create

is based on what we believe in :

That beauty matters.

That helping others look beautiful is nice,

but helping them believe they are beautiful is life changing.

Beauty is not our creation.

Beauty is our passion.

Our Mission

Artist Program

Seint was founded by Cara Brook, beauty blogger/makeup artist, in 2013 under the name of Maskcara Beauty, on the idea that makeup should be used to enhance the true beauty in a woman's face, rather than covering it up.

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